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17 October 2017
The Draft Minutes for the Finance Committee meeting on 17 October 2017 is now available to view.
10th October 2017
The Draft Minutes for the Town Council meeting on 10th October 2017 is now available to view.
10th October 2017
The Draft Minutes for the Planning & Development Committee meeting on 10th October 2017 is now available to view.
6th October 2017
The Draft Minutes for the Highways and Footpaths Committee meeting on 6th October 2017 is now available to view.
26th September 2017
The Draft Minutes for the Planning & Development Committee meeting on 26th September 2017 is now available to view.
Southwold Neighbourhood Plan
Download the design framework study
Southwold Town Council has instructed Ingleton Wood LLP to explore options for the potential redevelopment of the entrance to the Town.

Why? The sites in question together occupy an important location; being the first thing people see when they enter the town. Accordingly, the Town Council is keen to build on the planning policies within Waveney District Council’s Adopted Development Plan, to provide a locally specific guide to influence future developments within the area and promote high quality design in this sensitive location.

It is also intended that the initial work undertaken on behalf of the Town Council will be used to inform the
preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan, which is currently being progressed.

The exercise is intended to provide an opportunity for the local community to pass comment and potentially shape the future redevelopment of these key sites.
The work required to produce a Neighbourhood Plan is considerable and necessitates passing through a number of stages in order to satisfy external scrutiny and subsequent validation. The Southwold Plan is at the stage where there is a continuing collection of data, in order to ensure as broad a cross section of opinion as possible is consulted. And that all parts of the designated area are included.

Whilst the process has to be painstaking, it has a tendency to be both laborious and repetitive, but the rewards are simple, yet they require constant reinforcement. A neighbourhood plan is about using the planning system to help shape how Southwold will change, or remain the same over the next 20 years. It gives the community a say in deciding :

what gets built where, with particular regard to new development;
how buildings are used;
what they look like and,
what infrastructure is required.

Yes, a Neighbourhood Plan can help us protect what we cherish but, above all, it can develop polices that benefit the community. This is why we insist on repeatedly asking the question, WHAT MATTERS TO YOU? And where, within the limitations of the mandate given to us by our district planning authority, would you like to see specific Southwold solutions concentrated?

Indeed, a Neighbourhood Plan can help STC protect what you value and promote changes that benefit the entire community, so please continue filling in questionnaires, the latest having been distributed to every household with the Town Council's Annual Report, and returning them to the Town Hall. Be prepared for drop-in sessions during October and November and further community engagement events where the Neighbourhood Planning Team will seek to clarify progress, outline trends, and seek your individual help and assistance in bringing the project to a successful conclusion.

We are seeking to expand our twenty-strong Team by recruiting volunteers with a special interest in the matters under consideration (see below) and others to deliver questionnaires and collect responses from a small number of households within a specified area. So if you have a real interest in what is developing give the Town Clerk a call and hear how your interest and support may be channelled.

Inevitably, we are receiving many remarks that are outside the scope of the work immediately required, but notwithstanding, each one is being noted, record and will be examined in terms of its practicalities and potential for action.

The following were proposed to Waveney District Council in the lead up to area designation:
local design;
street scene;
extending the Conservation Area